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The Duro-Last Single-Ply Roof Membrane


The Duro-Last vinyl roof membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation consisting of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants and U.V. absorbents. A weft-insertion knitted scrim that is laminated between two layers of PVC film gives the membrane its strength and durability. The Duro-Last single-ply membrane is available in white, gray, dark gray, tan, or terra cotta.

Our flexible roof membrane is easily prefabricated into deck sheets up to 2,500 square feet in size, as well as custom-made parapet, stack, and curb flashings that eliminate most labor from critical roof areas – transitions and changes of plane. Prefabrication provides architects, specifiers, consultants, contractors, and building owners peace-of-mind regarding the watertight security of the roof installation.

Duro-Last has met or exceeded all major fire and wind code requirements, and regional approvals as necessary throughout the country. These certifications reinforce Duro-Last’s leadership in providing the consistent, watertight integrity that building owners expect.

Duro-Last has been approved by Factory Mutual as a 1-60,1-75, 1-90, 1-95, 1-105, 1-135, 1-150, 1-165, 1-195, 1-210, 1-270, 1-435, and 1-495 roofing system. Duro-Last is also listed by Underwriters Laboratories as a Class A, B, & C approved material. Evaluation services ICBO and NES have merged to form ICC-ES, which has evaluated Duro-Last for the International Building Code (IBC). The Duro-Last roofing system has been approved by the IBC and by code agency MIAMI-DADE for use in their respective jurisdictions.

Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner of the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program. The ENERGY STAR label indicates to building owners and managers that the Duro-Last white vinyl roof membrane can save them money on cooling costs due to its high reflectivity (reflects 88% of the sun’s energy). Duro-Last is also a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Duro-Last participates in all major technical committees in the roofing industry, plus the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM).

Duro-Shield Metal Retrofit Roofing System


Are rusted roof decks and leaky seams starting to compromise your building’s watertight integrity?

The Duro-Shield roofing system is the long-term way to protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion. The Duro-Shield single-ply membrane is prefabricated in our factory; custom designed to fit your metal roof exactly, eliminating up to 80-85% of rooftop installation labor. Our metal retrofit solution keeps Mother Nature outside, while your inventory, equipment, and workers stay safe and dry inside.

The Duro-Shield metal retrofit system is also energy-efficient, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.

If time has caught up with your metal roof, it’s time you consider the Duro-Shield roofing system. Contact us to find out how a Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system can help you lock out leaks and lock in your investment.

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The Manufacturing Process


Every Duro-Last roofing system is precision-fabricated to fit even the most complicated, uniquely-shaped rooftops. Every Duro-Last system is delivered to the job site with all components included and up to 85% of membrane seaming completed in our factory. Also, custom fabricated parapets, and stack and curb flashings eliminate the majority of labor from the most critical roof areas – transitions and changes of plane. Prefabrication enables authorized Duro-Last contractors to install faster, with less disruption and fewer callbacks.

Exceptional Metals Accessories

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Perimeter & Roof Edge

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals manufactures high-quality metal products designed for use with any single-ply roof. EXCEPTIONAL Metals products that are made from vinyl-coated metal enable contractors to provide a secure, watertight bond between that metal product and the roof deck or parapet wall membrane.


EXCEPTIONAL® Metals manufactures high-quality metal products designed for use with any single-ply roof. Reglets and Surface Mount Counterflashings are designed to be used on parapet walls.


EXCEPTIONAL® Metals offers various coping systems that can provide a complete finish and enhance drainage from any parapet wall.


EXCEPTIONAL® Metals offers several drainage products, including gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and collector boxes. These products are ideal for channeling water away from a building.

Vinyl Clad Accessories – EXCEPTIONAL® Metals

At EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, our highly skilled staff can take your ideas and quickly transform them into quality-assured products that solve problems, meet needs, and improve productivity. Customized EXCEPTIONAL Metals products made from vinyl-coated metal enable contractors to provide a secure watertight bond between the metal product and the vinyl membrane roof deck or parapet wall.

Custom Products

Let us save you time and resources. Simply submit a drawing for a free estimate and allow us to design a quality-assured product that meets your needs. Whether you require one item, or 100, we fabricate all runs quickly and efficiently.

White = Green™

White=Green™ roofing by Duro-Last is committed to being the industry leader when it comes to producing environmentally friendly roofing systems. Using Duro-Last’s white “Cool Zone” membrane is the best “green” choice for your facility in many ways!

Environmental Responsibility

Green, as in environment friendliness: closed loop manufacturing, membrane recyclable, and long-term performance.

Low Life-Cycle Costs

Green, as in the money you will save with the Cool Zone system – from reducing energy bills to preserving building components.

Garden Roof Membrane

Green, as in the best membrane to install under a garden roof system.

The New Colors of Duro-Tuff® and Duro-Fleece®

  • Duro-Tuff® 50-Mil and 60 Mil
  • Duro-Fleece® 50-Mil and 60 Mil
  • Thickest top weathering film in roofing industry
  • Roll widths from 2-1/2 feet to 10-foot wide
  • Top and bottom film same color to reduce bleed out
  • Membrane and vinyl rib accessories

Product Data Sheets

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Membrane: DL – Duro Last®

DL60 Membrane
DL50 Membrane
DL40 Membrane

Custom Curbs, Stacks, and Corners

Corner Flashing
Curb Flashing
Stack Flashing

Drains and Scuppers

Dome Strainer
Drain Boot

80-Mil Membrane

Duro Fleece 80 Mil
Duro Tuff 80 Mil

Duro-Guard® Fan Fold Products

XPS Fan Fold – P
XPS Fan Fold – A
EPS Fan Fold

Duro-Guard® Insulation Products

EPS Flute Fill Combo
ISO HD Composite

Membrane: DS – Designer Series

Rock-Ply® Membrane
Shingle-Ply® Membrane

Membrane: EV – Duro-Last® EV

EV50 Membrane
EV60 Membrane

Slip Sheets

Duro-Blue Separation Slip Sheet
Duro-Weave Separation Slip Sheet

Termination and Edge Details

Metal Compression System

Two-Way Air Vents

Two-Way Air Vent

Walkway Pad

Roof Trak III Walkway Pad

Flyers & Fact Sheets

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